Here’s a translation of the text for GUNP’s Kimi no Na e. Feel free to use this in your own scanlations (just link back to this site!). Leave a comment if you find any TL errors.

Page 3
I’ve seen the movie three times now, but it’s still not enough! Ever since watching “She and Her Cat,” I’ve bought the Ys games and started following minori just to see Director Shinkai’s work. Every time I watch this movie, I find new subtleties in the direction, the visuals, all of the attention to detail. It’s heart-pounding. I’d absolutely drink kuchikamizake and swap bodies with a girl if I could… that’s all I wanted from youth (cries). Or rather, I’d drink it even without the swapping! That’s the sort of feeling I get from Kimi no Na wa, and it’s the feeling I filled this book with. There’s still so much to draw, and I’m not done yet, so please leave your thoughts on Twitter and Pixiv!

Since Okudera prefers Taki when Mitsuha’s in his body, I thought she’d get along with Mitsuha herself.

Page 4 – Physiological Phenomenon
Don’t look in the mirror!
Yes, really!
No baths either… and don’t go to the washroom!
So… should I wet myself?
Shut your eyes!
And use earplugs!

Page 5 – A Maiden’s Heart
Taki-kun! You’ve peeked, haven’t you?
What am I supposed to look at?
You can’t change without getting naked, so don’t change.
That makes no sense.
I’ve gotta go to school, at least. (small text) What about your uniform?
What if I always wear the uniform to bed?
There’s no telling when we’ll switch.
Well, better pick out underwear that you don’t mind showing me.
Th-There’s no way around it.
My Dad hasn’t even seen these…

Page 6 – A Guy Can’t Do It
That reminds me. Taki-kun!
You’re not wearing a bra to school!
I know. I can’t figure out how to put one on.
They’ll lose their shape if you don’t wear a bra!
What’ll you do if that happens?
Okay, but… how?!
It’s my precious body!
That’s exactly why this is impossible!
Sigh, y-you idiot.
I’ll just have to sleep with a bra. (small text) Even though it’s uncomfortable.

Page 7 – Don’t Say Any More
Why do guys have that extra part?
It’s hard to use in the bathroom, and it feels so weird when it shrinks.
You sure aren’t embarrassed.
I’m so embarrassed I could die, but…
It’s part of the body, so I can’t ignore it. (small text) It’d be bad if you got sick or something.
Funny thing to be so serious about.
But, why…
In the morning, why does it get so…
Are you frustrated?

Page 8 – Revenge
Dammit, Mitsuha.
Messing with my body and money…
Looks like I’m me today. (small text) It’s too bad.
Wha?! (TL note: The kanji 正 is used as a tally in Japanese. On Pixiv it’s often used as a counter for lewd things)
Gross gross gross gross
(small text) Guys are so…
Gross gross gross gross GROSS!

Page 9 – It’s Taki-kun’s Body
I spent a bit too much. What do I do?
You can sell your kuchikamizake.
That’s right!

Page 10 – 2x or 3x or More
Yeah, from a miko.
A miko! There should be demand for that.
So, what if I had a bottle on me right now?
Huh? Who’s the miko that made it?
I-I did.
I’ll buy.

Page 11 – Just a Coincidence
I’ve taken a liking to him.
The way he’s been lately.
Taki-kun, I mean.
Me too.

Page 12 – Twisting, Tangling
This is
Half of Mitsuha.
As expected, they’ve hardly grown yet.
Why’re you playing with your boobs?

Page 13 – I Like You
Someone important to me.
Someone I can’t afford to forget.
Someone I never want to forget.
Who was it?
Who? Who are you?
What was your name?!
Sukida-kun! (small text) Got it!

Page 14
In the morning, I open my eyes
And confirm that I’m me.
Looks like
I’m myself today.
It felt so strange at first.
Switching bodies, like magic.

Page 15
Now, it’s almost something to look forward to-
Th-This is…

Page 16
What do I do? What do I do!?
He saw them.
Taki-kun saw them.
That’s right, I didn’t move any of them.
Too late now, but…
Taki-kun saw them!

Page 17
What should I do…
He probably thought these looked too kiddie.
B-But they’re normal, right? (small text) Totally normal.
I’m sure he’ll like them either way.
Maybe he even prefers these…
But, noooo!

Page 18
That’s right.
Let me organize the drawer so it won’t matter when he sees them.
Come to think of it,
A lot of them kinda look the same.
He must have his own preferences.
He’s got a thing for Okudera-senpai, so maybe something more mature?

Page 19
Or maybe…
He’s a guy, so let’s try something a bit more…
Sexy, perhaps?

Page 20
I can’t.
It doesn’t suit me. I know it doesn’t.
He probably thinks they’re tiny.
And I’m sure he likes them bigger.
I’m nowhere near the right size.
They say they’ll grow if you rub ’em…

Page 21
Grabbing your boobs again?
You sure like ’em.
(small text) Again?

Page 22
Taki-kun, you perv!
That’s right…
I can wear a bra to bed so he won’t touch them.
Are these okay?
They’re not too flashy.
Maybe he’ll think they’re cute.

Page 23
It’s totally like picking out lingerie. (TL note: Literally 勝負下着, or “battle underwear.” Basically something you’d pick out for a date.)
I’m overthinking it.

Page 24
What am I even thinking?
I’m just being self-conscious.
No need to worry.
Onee-chan, why’re you staring at the mirror while holding a pair of panties?

Page 25
You’ve been weird lately.
You okay?
You were staring at yourself while grabbing your panties just yesterday, too.
(small text) Taki-kun? Are you all right?


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